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The new Shark Wheel 60mm California Roll wheel is out now!




Scientific Studies

1. Finite dynamic analysis test and real world testing of wheel in Canada. Third party tested the Shark Wheel's performance under friction and tested its longevity. The Shark Wheel lasted 10% longer than any wheel they have ever tested. A traditional wheel has one defined center point and wears unevenly under friction. The Shark Wheel has a constantly changing center point, and is 540 degrees (as opposed to a traditional wheel at 360 degrees) and therefore lasts longer. 
2. Stress testing at UCLA school of engineering. A traditional wheel has nearly all of the stress on the bearing. The Shark Wheel disperses stresses along its six undulations evenly. Less stress is placed on the center/bearings and therefore the bearings will last longer when using the Shark Wheel.

Competitive Races

3rd place podium finish at the Broad Street Bomb in Philadelphia.
4th in the world at Miami Ultraskate 2014. 

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