Mechanical Irrigation Systems - Farming Wheel

Funded by the National Science Foundation

Commercializes Q4, 2022. Contact [email protected] for more information 

Testing to Date: Least amount of rutting in the industry. The out-of-phase wheels push soil toward center unlike a traditional wheel
Never Flat:  Non-pneumatic tire that can never go flat
Traction:  Sufficient traction to traverse clay-based, loam and sand-based soils
Price:  Priced within the current industry sweet spot for non-pneumatic solutions

Modular Design:  Makes maintenance easier and more cost-effective. The modular design allows farmers to fix a broken 'lug' (the modular tire portion) in only 60 seconds with only 2 bolts to change out

Compliant:  The design is compliant. This means the wheel flexes to minimize damage from rocks and other debris. The compliant design also removes vibration and other stresses
Width:  The width of the Shark Wheel does not leave a berm like pneumatic wheels that push soil away from the center. In measuring the total width of the Shark Wheel vs a pneumatic, they are exactly the same
Wheel Track Growth:  Shark Wheel's design allows crops to grow in the wheel tracks. No other wheel does this to our knowledge
No Premature Drivetrain Failures:  Non-pneumatic wheels put too much stress on the drivetrain. Shark Wheels used hundreds of hours of computer simulations to push nearly all of the stress to the outer circumference of the wheel nullifying premature drivetrain failure  



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