"Shark" Aluminum 35" Drop Down by Shark Wheel

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100% Recycled Aluminum 38" Drop Down.  72mm Black DNA Shark Wheels.  MADE IN USA

Riding Styles

Cruising: The deck is perfect for pushing around parking lots, and navigating a crowded sidewalk. The platform drop also allows for easier pushing.

Freeride: The symmetrical shape is good for worry free switching. The drop deck offers good stability, and helps start low to mid speed sliding.


72mm Shark Wheels
Shiver Trucks Pro series 180mm reverse kingpin trucks - We use only the best trucks, for optimum maneuverability, safety and style.
Shiver Abec 9 Bearings - We use only the best bearings in the construction of our boards so that riders are confident in the safety and durability of their board.
Finger Grommet - Our unique finger grommet allow riders to enjoy and easy and comfortable method of transporting their board.
"Bottle Caps" - End caps made from recycled plastic, these nose guards protect you, the board and the planet.
Die Cut Grip Tape - Taking design to an efficient level, we cut custom designs out of our grip tape so that you don't have sacrifice safety for style.
Durable Powder Coat Finish - Because we always want our boards looking good.
Used as designed and intended our boards are tested by riders in excess of 350 lbs.

Physical Specs

Length 35"
Width 10.5" at its widest point
Platform 21"
Platform Camber 0.375"
Deck Drop 1.75"
Wheelbase 30"
Profile Tri-Plane Cave
Truck Mount Standard; Top Mount

Every Board is hand-made in the U.S.A out of recycled aluminum and plastics. These durable, customizable boards prove that style, comfort and Eco-friendly are the perfect combination for novice and expert riders.



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    Great Wheels and Board!

    Posted by Mike O'Shea on Sep 23rd 2018

    Sorry about the long post, but this is not a, “the item worked as advertised” type of review. I have a very active puppy (Australian Shepherd/Standard Poodle Mix aka Aussiedoodle) that loves to run but has a 56-year-old owner who doesn’t like to run. I saw a video somewhere of a dog pulling a person on a skateboard and an idea was born. I was not looking to do tricks, to race down mountains or to go to skateboard parks…I just wanted to ride a skateboard around our neighborhood and maybe on some paved trails. Prior to getting a car when I was a kid, my skateboard was my primary means of transportation, so despite a 40+-year gap, I was ready to ride again ☺ I began researching skateboards and first ordered a long board on Amazon. The board was so unstable, even sans dog, that I sent it back after one day. After more research I came across Shark Wheels and everything about the wheels and the philosophy behind them, seemed to fit my needs…more stable, more forgiving of obstructions and surfaces and more shock absorbing. They had also partnered with Beer Can Boards (recycled aluminum boards) to deliver complete boards. I had seen a Beer Can Board at a Ron Jon’s shop (without shark wheels) and really like the board. I am one of those people who are not happy unless there is an Amazon package on their front porch daily, so I tried to order the red shark aluminum dropdown on Amazon, but it showed not in stock. So I went to the companies website and ordered it and because of their association with Amazon was able to pay for it from my Amazon account (one less company to give my credit card info to…). Also, if you go to the companies website, you can signup for a discount code that will save you some money on the board. About 4 hours after ordering the board, and more research, I really felt that the wider 35 silver dropdown board would be better for my needs. I contacted Shark Wheels and they switched the order without issue. The only issue I had with the actual order was that FedEx initially showed the package delivered, but it wasn’t. It was delivered the next day but in the meantime I had contacted Shark Wheels and they advised that whatever the outcome…they would make it right. Very comforting customer service when you start to wonder if maybe stole a package from your front porch and you might be outs some dollars. I was very impressed with the board when it arrived, the wheels, the trucks, the bearings and the board were all premium…what I wasn’t impressed with was the weather which was remnants of hurricane Florence that prevented me from riding that day ☹ When I finally rode the board I knew it was money well spent. The dropdown style and the greater width of the board make it very stable and easy to foot push along. The shark wheels make it very forgiving on our neighborhood streets that have pebbles, grass clippings and wear on the roads. The big test was if our dog ‘Oz’ could run while pulling me on the board without a lot of stress on him. He was able to pull me effortless and seemed to really enjoy it (see attached video). I highly recommend this board and wheels and feel like they were almost designed to meet my specific needs!

  • 5
    Thing Shreds!

    Posted by Jared Ridley on Aug 16th 2018

    I normally ride a pintail but felt like switching it up and this hit the spot. Thing is light as hell! Made in US. Good Job Shark Wheel on this one!

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