Shark Wheel Surfskate Skateboard


All New - Surfskate Complete Boards from Shark Wheel 

Comes with 65mm Shark Wheels



This surfskate is meant for anyone that wants to enjoy riding and surfing the streets, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, our new surf trucks can be tightened and easily adjusted to your needs and preference. The difference in riding our Surfskate is our wheels. You will be amazed how our wheels perform while sliding. Shark Wheels perform in a very controlled manner that is great for learning to slide and for those that want to improve slides. Perfect for performing tricks in the water when surfing, or for those that want to pump and cruise around. Perfect surf trainer, with the only wheels shaped in the form of a wave, you are literally riding a (sine)wave with our New Line of Surfskates. 

30.5'' x 9.25'' (15'' Wheelbase) Hardrock Maple Board
Comes with:
*65mm Shark Wheels
*Surfskate Trucks
*Abec bearings 
*Black and gray grit grip tape
*Perfect concave & flex
Shark Wheels
  • Superior All-Terrain Performance. Reinvention of the Wheel
  • Scientifically proven advantages: rough terrain, friction in motion, longer lasting
  • As seen on Shark Tank, the Discovery Channel, FedEx Commercials, FOX
  • Shark Wheels used by multiple Fortune 500 companies in other industries
  • 57% Less Friction When in Motion





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