Shiver Abec 9 Pro Series

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Shiver Abec 9 Pro Series Bearings in a Revolver casing with foam inserts | Fully integrated washer and spacer prevents over-tightening and protects bearings. Shiver has acquired the exclusive rights in the skateboarding industry to use Pro One’s lubricant that is used by NASA. Forget the Abec ratings, they actually mean almost nothing. The lubricant is the difference maker. Shiver’s bearings are manufactured to the highest standards and utilize Pro One’s patented lubricant. The lubricant works with friction and heat - the more you ride, the better they spin!

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    Posted by James S. on Apr 5th 2019

    Excellent products.
    The bearings they have are hands down the best I've used. And the square wheels are awesome. Roll over most anything and paired with the ABEC 9 bearings they sell my wheels roll forever.

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    Nothing special

    Posted by Pierce on Mar 1st 2019

    They advertised this amazing lubricant but these bearings only seemed like a slight improvement from my stock bearings. They were still better them then though and the convinese of the built in spacers was nice so that brings it from the three I was going to give it to a four

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    Shiver ABEC 9 Pro Series bearings

    Posted by Steve on Jan 18th 2019

    Really superb bearings! I didn't think I would see any improvement over the excellent bearings that were on my board, but the reduction in friction and the improvement in performance were noticeable immediately. My wheels seem to spin forever with these bearings!

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    Great bearings

    Posted by Ken on Jun 12th 2018

    Roll amazing and keep momentum down the slightest decline. Couldn't have asked for a better set.

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    Pro bearings

    Posted by Joseph Glorioso on May 22nd 2018

    Loved them so much bought another pair for my other skate

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    Amazing performance

    Posted by Malachi Clifton on May 3rd 2018

    They for perfect with no tension resistance. Completly silent (at least when new) nice and fast. Absolutely love them.

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    Best Bearings Outta The Box Ever

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 16th 2018

    So I was recently given a Sector 9 Drop-Through Pintail in dire need of new wheels, and having had Sharkwheels on my City Cruiser for +18months I went to order some for Sector 9. Luckily they JUST RELEASED THESE BEARINGS and had a SPECIAL DEAL: Free Shiver Pro Bearings with EVERY Sharkwheel purchase! About 2 months have passed AND THESE THINGS REQUIRE LESS PUSHING, ROLL FURTHER/FASTER/SMOOTHER than my BONES SWISS on my City Cruiser!!!! His things really speak for themselves I’ve gone through many sets of bearings to find the nicest ones and haven’t found anything nicer than this! ( I feel like I need to mention that I do not have any ceramic bearings so I am not able to say whether they’re better or not)

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    Posted by Koen F. on Mar 3rd 2018

    Very smooth and fast!

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    Super Ridgid Action!

    Posted by Tink-R-Toys on Dec 28th 2017

    These Bearings can be fastened all the way down with the Nut, on the axle. They Have very little if any resistance going into Turns, and out of turns. They Definitely make for Chatter free in Cess Sliding and Carving. Making for a better performance and Riding Experience!

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