Carver Skateboards epitomize the SurfSkate industry. SurfSkate is a movement that centers around designing your skateboard to maneuver like a surfboard. Carver Skateboards lead the way in SurfSkate and now it is time for the next revolution - RIDE THE WAVE.

With Shark Wheel technology on your SurfSkate board, you will literally be riding on top of a wave... a sine wave. Take your Carver skateboard and transform it to the closest you can get to riding on actual waves. Shark Wheels deliver that smooth carving for all SurfSkate riders. 

Buy 60mm Shark Wheel California Rolls for your Carver Skateboard and bring your SurfSkate game to the next level.

Pick from oceanic colors and make your board your own with a ton of color custom options to choose from. Trick out your Carver board and separate from the pack. Raise your SurfSkate game by carving on top of a (sine) wave.


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Shark Wheel Advantages: 

1. Rough terrain. Shark Wheels tends to move around small obstacles - small pebbles, dirt, sand and other debris kicking them out of the way. Traditional circular wheels tend to steamroll over objects, which can lead to a decline in performance or even an accident. Shark Wheels are also perfect for rain or other wet conditions, as they funnel water away from the contact patch of the wheel increasing grip. This has been scientifically proven by San Diego State University (SDSU), Mechanical Engineering Department in 2 years of scientific testing.
2. Longer lasting. Scientific university tests prove an increase in longevity (15%) when cruising. Shark Wheels have multiple center points compared to one center point on a traditional wheel. Also, traditional circular wheels flatspot because they wear off-center and 'cone', having only one center point. 
3. Fast, but grippy - the perfect balance. Shark Wheels have less friction, which equates to less rolling resistance. Cruisers and carvers do not have to work as hard when riding. Scientifically proven in two years of testing by San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering Department.
4. Drift control. Shark Wheels spin as they slide. Shark Wheels - 3 lips. Normal wheels - 1 lip. 3 lips add grip and give more predictable and controlled slides. Easier sliding due to less contact patch. Some SurfSkate riders like to drift and the Shark Wheel gives you the ability to break into a slide if you want or just carve with extra grip.
5. Ride the wave. Shark Wheels are the only wave-shaped wheels in the world, specifically designed for the Carver skateboards in the Surfskate industry. Feel the difference carving with the perfect balance between speed and grip.

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