The small contact patch and low friction of the Shark Wheel allows slides to initiate easily. Also, the Shark Wheel has multiple edges grabbing instead of a traditional wheel’s one edge for added control.


The Shark Wheel has about 30% less friction than traditional wheels and get up to speed very quickly. The Shark Wheel shape enables you to maintain grip with its wide footprint.


The Shark Wheel is the best wheel over rough terrain. Shark Wheels tend to go around objects in the road, while traditional wheels tend to go over objects sometimes leading to rock stop. The Shark Wheel performs well over rough roads, water, sand, pebbles, debris, and other obstacles tending to kick objects left and right as they roll.


Traditional wheels have one center point, while the Shark Wheel has multiple center points, allowing the Shark Wheel to take longer to wear off center. The Shark Wheel wears very evenly over time.