Fiesta 22" Skateboard

  • Shark Protective Gear Small (wrist, elbow and knee guards included)
  • Shark Protective Gear Medium (wrist, elbow and knee guards included)
  • Shark Protective Gear Large (wrist, elbow and knee guards included)
  • Shark Helmet Black Small (side)
  • Shark Helmet Black Medium (side)
  • Shark Helmet Black Large (side)
  • Board Blazers - Multi-Color
  • Hoodie Back

fiesta-45.jpgFiesta Skateboard by Shark Wheel

  • 22.5” Turquoise slim flexible deck with mini tacos
  • Green 60mm Shark Wheels
  • 3" Trucks
  • Abec 7 bearings
  • Maximum Rider Weight or Load of 180 lbs 
  • Recommended age: 8 years+
  • Not designed for adult use 

The Fiesta Skateboard comes equipped with green 60mm Shark Wheels. This penny style board has a smooth comfortable glide with less friction, reduced shock and the best ride on any terrain. The slim 22’ by 6” flexible plastic deck on the Fiesta Board is perfect for the junior skateboarder. Personal safety equipment is recommended and sold separately.

Shark Wheel Advantages

  • Rough Terrain. The best wheel over rough terrain. The sine wave shape tends to push smaller debris left and right out of the way. 

  • Easier to Ride. Up to 57% less rolling resistance than a traditional wheel. 

  • Approach Angle. Shark Wheels perform similar to how drivers intuitively know to go over a speed bump at an angle to reduce the shock in their car. The unique 30 degree approach angle of the Shark Wheel reduces shock.

  • Lasts Longer. Scientifically tested to last up to 50% longer when cruising. Shark Wheel has multiple center points compared to one center point on a traditional wheel.

  • Media. As seen on Shark Tank, the Discovery Channel, FedEx Commercials, FOX.



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