Shark Protective Gear Small


Shark Protective Gear

Shark Protective Gear includes knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads. 

Protect your body and ride in style!

The Shark Protective Gear Set is a smart way to keep kids protected. The pieces are made out of high-quality foam cushioning to absorb impact, as well as a hard plastic exterior to protect and reduce impact. Velcro straps keep the pads securely in place without restricting movement. Your child will enjoy getting the chance to play outdoors, and you will appreciate knowing that they are more protected. The knee, elbow and wrist guard set works well for many outdoor activities, including skating, skateboarding, biking and riding a scooter. It provides excellent support and a comfortable fit. This set comes with one pair each of knee, elbow pads and wrist guard. The sturdy pads are excellent for both casual and team use.

Shark Multi-Sport Child's Pad Set
  • Appropriate for a variety of wheel sports

  • Flex Velcro straps secure pads in place without restricting movement

  • Foam cushions and molded caps

  • Set includes 2 knee pads, 2 elbow pads and 2 wrist guards

  • 3 types of protection included in one set

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