Shark Wheel 60MM, 78A Turquoise California Roll

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  • Perfect for surfskate boards under 30" (choose Shark Wheel 72mm DNA for surfskate boards 30'' and longer)
  • California Roll formula (Over 900 verified purchase 5-star reviews)
  • Excellent for cruising/carving; California Rolls fit smaller decks | Pennys & Cruisers
  • 60mm - 78a - Skateboard Wheels 
  • Fast, soft and superior grip
  • Best wheel in the world over rough terrain (pebbles, debris, sand, water, etc)
  • Made in California
  • All California Roll wheel purchases come in sets of 4 wheels total

1. Rough Terrain. The best wheel over rough terrain. The sine wave shape tends to kick pebbles and small objects out of the way. Also the best wheel over wet conditions. Scientifically proven by San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering Department. 

2. Approach Angle. Shark Wheels perform similar to how drivers intuitively know to go over a speed bump at an angle to reduce the shock in their car. The unique 30 degree approach angle of the Shark Wheel reduces shock and deflects objects due to its approach angle. A normal wheel is a steamroller and tries to go over obstacles in its way. Shark Wheels tend to move around objects  
3. Lasts Longer. Scientifically tested to last up to 50% longer when cruising. Shark Wheel has multiple center points compared to one center point on a traditional wheel. Scientifically proven by San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering Department. Flatspot resistant.
4. Better Slide Control. The Shark Wheel actually spins as it slides acting like a car's antilock brakes. The 3 lips of the Shark Wheel compared to 1 lip on a traditional wheel give predictable slides. Also, slides are easier to perform due to less surface area in contact with the ground. Less friction to initiate slide.
5. Lightning Fast. 57% less rolling resistance than a traditional wheel. Scientifically proven by San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering Department.
6. Media. As seen on Shark Tank, the Discovery Channel, FedEx Commercials, FOX.
7. Technology in Other Industries. Shark Wheels are used by many Fortune 500 companies in other industries for their performance advantages.


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    New life to old board

    Posted by Brandon on Apr 12th 2021

    I have an old board that my cousin built for me when I was 315lbs, 8" wide, 1/4" risers with 60mm hard wheels. Now a more spry 205lbs i decided to get back into boarding. Those old wheels and versions had zero glide and made it nearly impossible to go over the cracks in my driveway without kicking. I had heard of these wheels and their reputation, so I decided to try them. Long story short I took my old wheels off, added these Shark wheels and now I can ride conformity and confidently on my driveway while relearning my board control and body control. Plus the turquoise color is sick! 100% recommend this product to anyone who skates less than perfect surfaces, oh yeah, they really do kick gravel out of the way, surprisingly well! I even have my neighbor seriously considering getting a set for one of his cruiser setups.