CLEAR Skull Longboard with Deck Lights

  • Board Blazers - Multi-Color
  • Hoodie Back
  • Shark Protective Gear Small (wrist, elbow and knee guards included)
  • Shark Protective Gear Medium (wrist, elbow and knee guards included)
  • Shark Protective Gear Large (wrist, elbow and knee guards included)
  • Shark Helmet Black Small (side)
  • Shark Helmet Black Medium (side)
  • Shark Helmet Black Large (side)
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New Release

CLEAR Longboards with 72mm DNA Shark Wheels.  

100% clear see-through high-impact acrylic, similar visually to glass (from all angles of the board)

The built-in patented lighting system illuminates the inside of the board and the graphics pop. Ride it or stare at it all day, up to you, but the grip is sufficient for all riding styles.

Riding Styles

Cruising: The deck is perfect for any transportation use - pushing around parking lots, and navigating a crowded sidewalk. The clear setup is simply cool and fun to ride.


72mm Shark Wheels
Shiver Trucks Pro series 180mm reverse kingpin trucks - We use only the best trucks, for optimum maneuverability, safety and style.
Shiver Abec 9 Bearings - We use only the best bearings in the construction of our boards so that riders are confident in the safety and durability of their board. 


Physical Specs

38'' length

9'' width

4.75'' height

11lbs weight

Weight limit:  230lbs

Every Board is hand-made out of acrylic. These durable, customizable boards prove that style, comfort and a fun ride can't be beat.



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  • 5

    Posted by Steven Wrize on Mar 2nd 2022

    Love the graphic and board. I 'made it my own' and put cool decals all around that really enhances the light up feature on the board. The Shark Wheels are the best

  • 3
    more of a wall hanger

    Posted by Trevor on Feb 18th 2022

    The deck has good flex, Im 240, and it feels good. The acrylic is perfectly clear compared to others that appear cloudy from the side. The design doesnt offer too much grip surface so dont get it wet. It rides nice but its more of a wall hanger for me.

  • 4
    Crystal Clear

    Posted by Batman on Feb 18th 2022

    This board is very very very clear from every single part of it. I've seen another clear board before, but it was cloudy on all of the edges. Not sure how they got this perfectly clear, but rest assured they did. It really makes the lights look cool.

    It is a very good cruising board, not amazing for freeride/downhill higher level stuff, but thats not what its made for of course

  • 5
    Wife approved

    Posted by Drew Huffy on Feb 17th 2022

    When I bought this my wife questioned it, when it came in she definitely approved. Its hard to describe how cool the board looks with the light on but trust me, its rad. We're having fun around our subdivision and getting a workout. The wheels ride so nice on street or sidewalk! 5 stars

  • 5
    Satisfied customer

    Posted by Tom Anderson on Feb 17th 2022

    Im very happy with my board. The wheels are SWEET and the deck has a decent flex. The skull looks bitchin with the lights on! The ride is unbelievably smooth, the wheels are fast- but you have better control with debris and obstacles.

  • 5
    Light that up bruh

    Posted by Gabriel Fuentes on Feb 16th 2022

    I give this 5 stars because the wheels and the color light makes it look so dope. The 72mm DNA wheels ride like small gravel doesnt matter. I like the board and recommend. 5 star

  • 5
    cool gift for son in law

    Posted by Annie Difranco on Feb 16th 2022

    We gave one to our son in law for Christmas and he likes it alot.
    He said the wheels are the best he's tried and the light unit is neat. He definitely loves this gift- score!

  • 4
    Killer board

    Posted by Pitso on Feb 7th 2022

    This babys bitchin af on the PCH at sunset yo. The wheels actually do make the ride smoother and faster. I like the lights, but wish I could keep only one color on. This board is much lighter than my other acrylic longboard and more clear from all angles. Highly recommend.

  • 4
    Clear Skull Longboard

    Posted by jacob sungstren on Feb 7th 2022

    saw this on IG and bought the skull graphic. the acrylic deck is super clear from the side and the changing colors are sick. love the 72mm shark wheels.