Shark Electric Longboard



The Electric Longboard is commonly used for long cruising rides from point A to point B or for last-mile transportation. Boosted Skateboards has become the market leader and proven the demand for a growing industry. Shark Wheel has collected all of the data from Boosted Skateboards and set the performance parameters as the benchmark to beat. Shark has finally cracked the code and is ready to launch the best electric board in the industry.


Shark Wheel has electrified its technology and is in late stage development on the best performing electric board in the world. Early tests show the Shark Electric Longboard lasts longer than a Boosted Board and goes faster as well.


111mm Shark Wheels are used for the electrified Shark Board. These large wheels go over almost any obstacle in the road. But, they have less friction than a traditional 80mm wheel! Ditch your old electric longboard and upgrade to Shark.


Shark Wheel entered the Electric Longboard industry in May 2014. The company is very careful to only release product that exceeds expectations. Shark Wheel has patiently waited over 5 years to release the best performing electric longboard in the market!




Shark Wheel Advantages:

1. The best wheel in the world over rough terrain for Electric Longboards. The sine wave shape tends to move around small objects such as small pebbles and debris kicking them out of the way. Traditional wheels tend to steamroll over objects, which can lead to an accident. The Shark Wheel design is also perfect for wet conditions funneling water away from the contact patch of the wheel adding grip. This has been scientifically proven by SDSU. Boosted Skateboards use traditional circular wheels that are prone to steamrolling over objects and use more friction, thereby using more battery power.

2. Lasts longer. Scientifically tested to last 15% longer when cruising. Shark Wheel has multiple center points compared to one center point on a traditional wheel. Also, traditional circular wheels prone to flatspotting because they wear unevenly with only one center point. Flatspot resistant. This has been scientifically proven by SDSU.

3. Lightning Fast Electric Longboard. Less friction touching the ground, less rolling resistance. Cruisers do not have to work as hard when riding. Boosted Skateboards perform very well, but all testing results show the Shark Electric Skateboard outperforms the best Boosted Skateboard model in nearly every category. This has been scientifically proven by SDSU, Mechanical Engineering Department in 2 years of testing.

4. Better slide control. The Shark Wheel actually spins as it slides acting like a car's antilock brakes. The 3 lips of the Shark Wheel compared to 1 lip on a traditional wheel give predictable slides.