Longboard Wheels

Longboard Wheels

Our 70mm/72mm wheels are best suited for longboards and the cruiser/freeride market.

While there is not a standard size for a 'longboard', typically they are boards 33'' and larger.

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Longboard Wheels are traditionally classified between 64mm-80mm. 70mm is the most common diameter longboard wheel seen in the industry. Longboarding started in the 1950's with surfers in Hawaii taking their surfboards onto the land. It was an underground sport until Sector 9 brought the concept of longboard wheels and longboards into the mass market in the 1990's. The innovation of trucks from a standard design to a reverse kingpin (RKP) made the longboards more stable and easier to ride.

Longboard wheels and skateboard wheels started as clay material in 1955 and it was not for another 20 years that polyurethane wheels were developed, which made the ride much smoother. Since 1975, there was not much innovation in the wheel until the Shark Wheel was invented and shown to the public in 2013. It was the first radical change in geometry to the wheel in the longboard wheel market...ever.

Shark Wheel Advantages:

1. Rough Terrain. Shark Wheel longboard wheels are the best in the world over all terrains. The sine wave shape tends to move around small pebbles, sand, water and other debris. Traditional wheels tend to steamroll over objects, which can lead to an accident. The Shark Wheel design is also perfect for wet conditions funneling water away from the contact patch of the wheel adding grip. This has been scientifically proven by San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering Department in 2 years of testing.

2. Approach Angle. Shark Wheels have a unique 30 degree approach angle that strikes objects at an angle unlike a traditional wheel. The approach angle of Shark Wheel longboard wheels reduces shock to the rider. This is very similar to how people driving their car know to go over a speed bump at an angle to reduce the shock in their car. A normal wheel is a steamroller and tries to go over obstacles in its way. Shark Wheels tend to move around objects

3. Lightning fast. Less friction touching the ground, less rolling resistance. Scientific tests conducted at SDSU over 2 years of testing prove the frictional advantages.

4. Better slide control. The Shark Wheel spins when sliding, which is truly unique. The 3 geometric lips of the Shark Wheel give controlled and predictable slides compared to 1 lip on a traditional wheel.

5. Longer Life. 15% longer when cruising - scientifically proven. Shark Wheels have multiple center points compared to 1 center point on normal wheels. Traditional wheels are prone to flatspots - they wear unevenly with only 1 center point. Shark Wheels are flatspot resistant. This has been scientifically proven by San Diego State University, Mechanical Engineering Department in 2 years of testing.


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