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70mm Longboard Wheels by Shark Wheel are 100% Made in USA
Our 70mm wheels are best suited for longboards and the cruiser/freeride market.
While there is not a standard size for a 'longboard', typically they are boards 33'' and larger.

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The Best Wheel on the Longboard Market!

Scientifically designed to have more grip and slide control, less friction and more speed and more traction over various terrain. 


    The width is increased, but the friction is decreased! The sine wave design provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip. When you want to slide, they break away smoothly and recover easily.


    The wave pattern design allows for a thin contact patch touching the ground and therefore less friction, resulting in a quicker ride.


    The alternating pattern of grooves significantly reduces hydroplaning by channeling liquid, sand or gravel out and away from the surface of the wheel, allowing for a firm contact patch with the ground.

    "Designed to actually provide a faster, smoother ride with much more control while skateboarding on all sorts of terrain, this rather striking looking pair of Longboard wheels actually use lesser material but provide a larger wheel-base. Also, they look amazing as they spin, turning the sine-wave shaped tread into a hypnotic, spinning design!" GIZMODO

    "You know how people say, "You don't have to reinvent the wheel," meaning that you shouldn't waste time trying to achieve something that has already been done for you? This is a very common saying because it's usually true, but did you ever stop to wonder what would happen if you did actually try to reinvent the wheel? Perhaps it could be even better than the one some caveman or cavewoman invented. That may be the case with Shark Wheel.....It may not look like it at first, but these babies are on a roll. The Shark Wheel is a high-performance curvy, cube-shaped wheel originally created for skateboards and longboards. OK, so it looks pretty cool, but why would anyone want to change something that seems to have worked fine for centuries? Well, the Shark Wheel (longboard wheel) can actually increase speed and give you better grip and sliding control so that it makes it easier for you to skate through different kinds of terrain and weather conditions. The closest I've ever come to skateboarding was wearing ROXY T-shirts as a tween, but I imagine a skater would be totally stoked about all of that." BUSTLE