Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard Wheels by Shark Wheel

60mm skateboard wheels are best suited for skateboards and cruisers.
Our 60mm wheels will fit most any board 33" and below.




Skateboard wheels are typically sized from 50mm-63mm in diameter. Skateboarding started in the 1940s, with people attaching roller skate wheels to wooden boxes. Currently, skateboarders use skateboard wheels for different purposes, ranging from street and bowl riding to pure transportation purposes. Other use skateboarding as a recreational activity or even as an art form. Skateboarding has been evolved dramatically over the years from an underground sport to the mainstream, with its first appearance in the Olympics at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Skateboard wheels were made out of clay, beginning in 1955. Not until 1975 did skateboard wheels get a material upgrade with polyurethane in 1975. Polyurethane increased the comfort of the ride, as well as the speed. There has not been a major innovation in skateboard wheels however since 1975...that is until Shark Wheel changed the geometery of the wheel itself in 2013. Not only did the Shark Wheel look radically different, but its skateboard wheels were scientifically proven by San Diego State, Mechanical Engineering Department to outperform the traditional skateboard wheel in nearly every single category including friction, speed, off-road ability, load capacity and even longevity.

Shark Wheel Advantages:

1. Rough Terrain. The #1 advantage of Shark Wheel skateboard wheels is all-terrain performance. The sine wave design tends to physically move small debris, pebbels and other small objects left and right out of the way. Traditional circular wheels tend to steamroll over objects, which can lead to accidents. The Shark Wheel design is also perfect for wet conditions funneling water away from the contact patch of the wheel adding grip. Scientifically proven by San Diego State University (SDSU), Mechanical Engineering Department in 2 years of testing.

2. Approach Angle. Shark Wheels skateboard wheels have a 30 degree approach angle that hit objects at an angle unlike a traditional wheel. The approach angle of Shark Wheel skateboard wheels noticeably reduces shock to skateboarders. When car drivers go over speeds bumps, they naturally know to move over the speed bump at an angle to smooth the ride.

3. Fast fast fast. Less friction touching the ground equates to less rolling resistance. Scientific tests at SDSU over 2 years of testing prove the frictional advantages.

4. Better slide control. The Shark Wheel spins when sliding, allowing the skater to completely control the slide. The 3 lips of the Shark Wheel skateboard wheels give predictable slides compared to 1 lip on a traditional wheel.

5. Longer Life. 15% longer when cruising. Shark Wheel skateboard wheels have multiple center points compared to 1 center point on normal wheels. Traditional wheels are prone to flatspots, wearing unevenly with only 1 center point. Shark Wheels are flatspot resistant. Scientifically proven by SDSU.






The Best Skateboard/Cruiser Wheels on the market!

Scientifically designed to have more grip and slide control, less friction and more speed and more traction over various terrain. 

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