70mm longboard wheels (sidewinder)

70mm longboard wheels | Sidewinder

The Shark Wheel 70mm, 78a durometer Sidewinder formula is built for across the board performance. Perfect for any longboarder regardless of level, Sidewinders have multiple performance advantages.

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First of all, the Sidewinders show a distinct advantage going over any rough terrain. Pebbles, dirt, sand, water, etc are simply pushed left and right as the wheel rolls because of its sine wave pattern. Instead of avoiding bad patches in the road at all costs, Sidewinders will give you the confidence that nothing can stand in your way. Second, there is little friction in contact with the ground. This reduces rolling resistance and makes the wheel fast. No need to push over and over again, Sidewinders get up to speed right away. Third, you will find a 15% longevity advantage in cruising situations. Traditional wheels have one center point, while Shark Wheels have multiple center points. It takes longer for the wheel to wear out. Finally, Sidewinders are great slide wheels. Less friction equates to easier slides. Also, the 3 lips of the wheels grab compared to a traditional wheel’s 1 lip. Cruising, fast cruising, freeride, and fast freeride is the sweetspot for the Sidewinders.

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Sidewinders look square when rolling, but feel buttery smooth when riding. Get to class, ride to work, or bomb hills these do it all. Available in 9 colors, Sidewinders are all around performance longboard wheels.

4 thoughts on “70mm longboard wheels (sidewinder)

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  2. angel says:

    So im new to the whole skating thing and dont really get the “mm” size and if you can use any size on any board…ive got a penny nickle board and dont understand first the difference between the names of the wheels “california roll” and the “sidewinders” not sure if the names are just to distinguish the size or if they are different in another way other then just size and what would be best it says the 60mm are for penny/nickle boards but does the size really matter?

  3. Diego says:

    So I have a 40′ dropthrough long board and right now I have 72mm 78a wheels, I power slide alot and carve alot, are shark wheels good for the the big part of power sliding? And will going down 2mm make a big difference in maneuverability, carving and power sliding?

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