Longboard Wheels 70mm-80A

Posted by New Skateboard Wheels on Mar 3rd 2016

Longboard Wheels 70mm-80A | Mako

The Shark Wheel 70mm, 80a durometer Mako formula is built for speed and easy sliding. If you have a need for speed look no further. The 3 lips of the Shark Wheel Mako formula have such little material touching the ground and a higher durometer that you will be leaving your friends eating Mako dust behind you.

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Most wheels that are fast sacrifice grip. One of the Mako’s advantages is that the thin sine wave pattern gives you speed and a wide footprint, giving you grip to go along with your rpm’s. Have a lightning fast, controlled ride that gets you there faster as you hug turns along the way. The Shark Wheel Mako formula has been scientifically tested to last 15% longer in cruising situations in an apples-to-apples comparison test with the industry’s leading wheels. Using the same material, durometer, and diameter the Mako formula’s constantly changing, multiple center points prolongs the wear of the wheel. Additionally, the same study showed a 15% rebound advantage, which translates directly to speed. In the ocean, the Mako is the fastest shark reaching up to 60mph. On land, the Shark Wheel Mako’s can reach even faster speeds. Finally, the ease of breaking into a slide on Makos is unparalleled. Riders learning to slide, fast cruisers and fast freeriders will find this wheel as their choice.

Makos look square when rolling, but feel buttery smooth when riding. Get anywhere quicker, race your friends, or bomb the local hills Makos can do it all along as you have a need for speed. Available in black and white, Makos are longboard wheels that are lightning fast and easy to initiate slides.


Longboard Wheels 70mm-80A | Mako are some of the best longboard wheels for sliding