Longboard Bomber

Posted by New Skateboard Wheels on Mar 3rd 2016

Bomber Longoboard | Double kick complete

38’’ length, 9’’ wide, 20’’ wheelbase

This double kick complete with Bomber graphic is the ultimate hybrid setup. This compact longboard/long skateboard manufactured by Shiver boards can do it all. It is recommended for intermediate to intermediate-advanced riders. If you are looking for a smooth comfortable ride with a lot of versatility this is your board of choice. You can use it for fast cruising, freeride sessions or even to bomb hills. This board gives you room to grow as a rider and is super fun at the same time.

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The length of the board was designed to give you maneuverability, while still giving you the comfort of a traditional longboard. The deck design was created by Paul Schmitt, the #1 deck maker in the world, for all around performance. Everything is top of the line in this complete from the 100% Canadian Maple wood to the world class reverse kingpin trucks. The cherry on top is the wheels and what makes this complete superior to every other board in its class.

The Shark Wheel technology gives this board the ability to go over nearly any terrain, carve with great grip, or even bomb hills at lightning fast speeds. Shark Wheels have been scientifically proven to have a 15% rebound and 15% wear advantage, which translates directly to speed and longevity. The aggressively designed Bomber was meant to ride hard. This is not the board for a relaxing cruise session, it was meant for sharp carves and high speeds.

Choose from Sidewinder or Mako 70mm Shark Wheels.