Cruiser Skateboard - Mini Cruiser

Posted by New Skateboard Wheels on Mar 4th 2016

Cruiser Skateboard with 60mm Shark Wheels

Mini Cruiser | Double kick complete | 29.5’’ length, 8.5’’ width, 18.75’’ wheelbase

The Mini Cruiser from Shiver boards is a multi-purpose skateboard. The double kick tail design allows the rider to maneuver around any obstacle and break out tricks like it’s no one’s business. Kickflip, shuvit, tre flip, lazer flip, or the stanky leg tre flip, it’s up to you.

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The Mini Cruiser is long enough for comfortable cruising, but small enough for park and bowl riding. Featuring 60mm Shark Wheel California Roll skateboard wheels, Origin trucks, 100% Canadian Maple wood, and a standard shaped Shiver nose design, this complete comes fully loaded and ready to ride. The board is made by world-renown deck maker Paul Schmitt, and the original OG board design from Shiver skateboards is sure to get you up the hill or up the ramp in style.

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