Longboard Complete - Timber

Longboard Complete - Timber

Posted by New Skateboard Wheels on Mar 3rd 2016

Complete Longboard Pintail | Timber

38’’ length, 9’’ width, 20’’ wheelbase

This pintail longboard by Shiver boards brings the balance between old school-classic and future-technology. The pintail is longboarding’s classic cruiser board shape. It has withstood the test of time as being the ideal design for commuting purposes. Whether you are riding to work, on your way to class, or shredding at the beach, the pintail is the weapon of choice.

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The Smoke and Timber pintail completes have raised the bar on the old fashioned pintail. Using only the best possible materials and component parts, this 100% Canadian Maple deck made by industry leader Paul Schmitt, has left no stone unturned. The 7-ply highest quality grade wood was carefully manufactured for its sleek look, stability, and comfort. The best-in-class reverse kingpin trucks were selected for its performance characteristics and ability to mesh well with the deck shape and wheels.

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The Shark Wheels bring this classic board into the future with its 5 star rated technology.  Shark Wheels come in softer, all around performance Sidewinder formula, or harder highest speed Mako formula. The wheels give the Timber/Smoke the ability to go over nearly any terrain, carve with great grip, or even bomb hills at lightning fast speeds. Shark Wheels have been scientifically proven to have a 15% rebound and 15% wear advantage, which translates directly to speed and longevity.

It is simple awesome to see the blend between the blassic and the future in one board design. Choose from Sidewinder or Mako 70mm Shark Wheels.


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