Mini cruiser longboard

Posted by New Skateboard Wheels on Mar 4th 2016

mini cruiser longboard | Guppy | 28’’ length, 8’’ width, 16.5’’ wheelbase

he Guppy cruiser board is the perfect commuter board that’s lightweight, easy to carry, and small enough to throw in a backpack. Use it to cruise at the beach, ride through a college campus, or even commute to work.

The Guppy comes standard with 60mm Shark Wheel California Roll skateboard wheels, Origin trucks, 100% Canadian Maple wood, and a beautiful color-stained finish. The underside of the deck gives you a colored canvas to throw all your stickers and artwork to really make the board your own.

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Shark Wheels take this already high-quality board to new heights. You will be able to flip pebbles left and right as you ride, kick dirt and debris to the side, and power through puddles without a care. Also, the small contact patch of the wheel results in minimal friction giving you the easiest, smoothest and fastest ride of your life. Going over bad terrain, pushing with little effort, and getting asked 100 questions about your ride along the way - just in a day’s work.


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