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The alternating pattern of grooves significantly reduces hydroplaning by channeling liquid, sand or gravel out and away from the surface of the wheel, allowing for a firm contact patch with the ground.


The wave pattern design allows for a thin contact patch touching the ground and therefore less friction, resulting in a quicker ride.


The width is increased, but the friction is decreased! The sine wave design provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip. When you want to slide, they break away smoothly and recover easily.


customer reviews


Bought for a Christmas present. My son said they are smooth on the street. The color looks cool with the deck. I was a little worried about receiving them before Christmas but, they arrived with time to spare. I would definitely recommend wheels and provider. Thanks

- J.D.

Amazing Wheels

I was looking for wheels that would be fast and roll over rough roads and these were perfect for the job. Company was super helpful and I hope to purchase more from them!

- Gabby

60mm clear ghost

Honestly thought these wheels were just hype but after 2 weeks I have come to the conclusion these wheels are awesome! So much that I'm going to purchase the 70mm to see if they are truly better like many customers explain here.

- Ty


I bought these for a my longboard, to move in the city and also for longboard dancing. Are awesome! Smooth, speed, control.. all you want, all terrain! Just love it! best wheels Ive ever had!! :) Ps. They look sooo great on a board!! Dont doubt about buying gigant wheels like these, truly worth it! :D

- Sebastian

Unreal Wheels!

I got myself a set of these for my drop-thru bamboo sector9 board and ahhh man, hittin them high speeds and rippin them turns you feel the difference! instantly you can tell you have more room to play and can confidently proceed to push your boundaries knowing these soft, fat, sticky monster truck wheels got your back! DO IT! ;)

- Josh

60mm Cali roll

Lasted about a year till dry rot eventually got the best of them got a fair amount of chunks missing but still rides kinda smooth…. after the glossy film wore off on the sides of the wheels found that it’s way more prone to stick on rails and vert expected them to last longer thru the tread.

- Jaylen


about us

The Shark Wheel has been scientifically proven in University and real-world testing to outperform the circular wheel in nearly every category. Multiple Fortune 500 companies use Shark Wheel. Forklifts, luggage, farming, medical and much more.

The Shark Wheel actually outperforms the circular wheel in nearly every category. Scientifically proven in years of University testing, lab testing and real-world testing. Significant advantages: friction in motion, longevity, rebound, abrasion resistance, and off-road performance. Multiple Fortune 500 companies use the Shark Wheel in other industries for a reason. The wheel mirrors Nature. Everything in Nature alternates. Read More

Shark Wheel is a 3-time government grant recipient through the National Science Foundation for its Sine Wave Innovative Flotation and Traction wheels (SWIFT) that solves many pain points in irrigation


What is Shark Wheel?

Shark Wheel, Inc is a company located in Lake Forest, California dedicated to making the most unique, innovative and technologically advanced wheels in the marketplace. David Patrick’s scientific discovery led to the literally reinvention of the wheel, which is flat on six sides and displays many performance advantages compared to the traditional wheel.

Were you that company from Shark Tank?

We are currently only available in California, but to a state near you as soon as possible. You can locate our amazing retailers carrying Company on our Where To Find page.

But, the sharks saw the potential, the revenue, and the opportunity. They also understood the performance advantages we bring to the table. Shark Wheel in the Shark Tank!

Why did you name it ‘Shark Wheel’?

The design is based on the shape of actual shark jaws.

Have you done any scientific studies on the Shark Wheel?

1. Finite dynamic analysis test and real world testing of wheel in Canada. Third party tested the Shark Wheel’s performance under friction and tested its longevity. The Shark Wheel lasted 10% longer than any wheel they have ever tested. A traditional wheel has one defined center point and wears unevenly under friction. The Shark Wheel has a constantly changing center point, and is 540 degrees (as opposed to a traditional wheel at 360 degrees) and therefore lasts longer.


Customer Reviews