Mini cruiser skateboard

Mini cruiser skateboard

Posted by New Skateboard Wheels on Mar 4th 2016

Mini cruiser skateboard | Bambino | 26’’length x 7’’width x 15’’ wheelbase

The Bambino by Shiver boards is the definition of a fun ride. If a Penny board went on Pimp My Ride, it would roll out looking like a Bambino. This high-quality board comes complete with 60mm Shark Wheel California Rolls, Origin trucks, and Bamboo or 100% Canadian Maple wood (depending on availability).

There is almost nothing this board does not fit in. A locker, a backpack, or any other bag will do the trick. Super light weight, super easy to ride, and a blank canvas to go crazy with stickers and artwork.

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Don’t let this entry-level board fool you though. Shark Wheels take the board to a new level. Cruise lightning fast, dominate bad terrain, and keep going and going because the wheels take 15% longer than industry leaders to wear out.

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