Skateboard Wheels Re-Invented

Posted by New Skateboard Wheels on Apr 13th 2016

Shark Wheels: Experiencing the Reinvention of Skateboard Wheels

In the same manner that the tires of a vehicle can affect the way they run on the road, the skateboard wheels also influence the balance and enjoyment of the rider. The good news is, there are new skateboard wheels available on the market today, which are called the shark wheels. You will be able to find something suitable for your needs when it comes to picking your wheels.

What Fits Your Riding Style?

The manner in which you generally ride your skateboard is really useful to take into account when you are choosing your wheels. If you are focusing on off road skateboarding style, your board would need wheels that are durable and can withstand the various elements. Shark wheels rotate faster, which allow you to reach and maintain increased speeds in longer distances. These wheels also work well for those who like to do tricks on ramps, as the continuous high speed of rate is crucial for maintaining the momentum in a steady way.

On the other hand, if you prefer to perform street skating and execute tricks lower to the ground like ollies and flip kicks, shark wheels are still a smart choice. Maintaining a lower center of gravity makes it easy for you to manage the board while staying safe. You can achieve all this if you buy shark wheels on amazon.

Why and What is a Shark Wheel?

This new shark wheel is blending in well with the world of longboarding. It is influenced by the shark jaw's shape. All terrain longboard wheels have been reinvented to utilize geometry to their full advantage and to benefit the riders as well. The shape provides a wide wheel that has low friction. This kind of wheel has both the features of a wide-profile wheel and a thin-profile wheel in one design. Low grip and low friction are no longer exclusive to each other.

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The wheels have a style that fits in a cube. They are not exactly a square and are not circular either, but are designed with three strips that produce a helical pattern if they rotate. It creates a sine wave pattern when the wheels touch the ground. The creators of the amazon shark wheels say this contributes to considerably less friction points to the ground, which causes better handling in wet and rough terrain. This allows the wheel to spin faster compared to a regular skateboard wheel, as this causes problems for traditional wheels.

In addition, the sine wave pattern gives better lateral grip, as the size of the wheel has the ability to increase without the need of putting unnecessary friction, which actually slows down the skate board. Shark wheel also comes with three lips to be used for stopping, wherein a standard wheel has only one.


Another impressive feature of shark wheel is that it can combine various hardness in it wheel. The hardness of the wheel plus the three interlocking parts of enables you to pick three variations in every single wheel, and thus giving extra customization with regards to slide and grip. Buy on amazon and get to experience the wonders of the best longboard wheels.

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