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Posted by New Skateboard Wheels on Apr 13th 2016

New Skatboarding Wheels

Technology expert, David Patrick partnered with Zack Fleishman when they founded Shark Wheels and decided to reinvent the old wheel. Their objective is to create the best all terrain skateboard wheels for skateboarders that offer excellent performance and qualities that exceed that of the standard circular skateboard wheel. (new skateboarding wheels)

new skateboarding wheels

What is it About the Shark Wheels?

The Shark Wheel is a mixture of several shapes; a sphere, a circle, a cube, a square, a hexagon and a sine wave. It does not have the features of a plowing and steamroller on roads. The Shark Wheel works in a switching left and right style, which allows it to avoid the rubble on rough surfaces. Initially, the Shark Wheel was discovered accidentally and not a sought-out creation. When David Patrick started creating the all-terrain skate wheels, he did not recognize its monetary potential at first. But when he did, a power team was put together, a patent was acquired, and Shark Wheel came into the skateboarding world.

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The gurus focused a lot more on the geometry and less on the material components. As a result, Shark Wheels developed a product that is more grip-strong compared to regular wheel. In addition, these amazon shark wheels are designed in a manner that less area of the wheel touches the ground. This allows for less resistance and friction put on the wheel, thus providing an increasingly quicker ride. The style of the shark wheel is observed in accordance with nature. It moves in a wave manner rather than in a circular way. For example, just like how a snake slithers or how a fish swims. Consequently, Shark wheels are simply the better choice.

Is the Shark Wheel Legitimate?

Just like with any manufacturer that introduces a new product with major claims, the consumers normally feel skeptical at the start. When it comes to Shark Wheels, they are confident in how their innovation works and they plan to stay in the industry for a long time. They intend to prove their success people especially to their target market by winning in major global competitions.  Gradually, consumers are starting to see Shark Wheels in many skateboard shops and online sites like Amazon. In fact, the sharkwheels Amazon became a common sight on the internet. Part of the acceptance and popularity of this unique wheel has something to do with how people see it always in public. In numerous companies wherein the circular wheel has ruled the market for many years, the Shark Wheel still finds its way and emerges as a strong competitor.

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Shark Wheels think that they are gaining advantage in the field of longboarding.  Therefore, they made a strategic move to get started on the all-terrain longboard wheels. Skateboarders are always open to new technological innovations. These are the people who are perfect to show how well these new wheel works at various situations. While Shark wheels are the best in high speeds, they are also excellent for travel purposes. In other words, this makes them all-around skateboard wheels.